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Is A Management Diploma Worth It?


When embarking on my upskilling journey, the first thing I did was weigh up whether spending thousands on a Diploma course was going to be worth it for me. I really wanted to do a Diploma of Leadership and Management or a general business diploma to help with my career prospects. After consulting with my own Line Manager, who advised me that having a formal qualification in Management will definitely help my prospects, I decided to start researching various course options available to help me make an informed decision as to which course is best for me.


I started with short courses and realized that they weren’t formal qualifications. You do get a certificate at the end of the course but it wasn’t a nationally recognised qualification. So then I started looking into certificate and diploma courses that were accredited. The ones which are nationally recognised can help you with your careers as employers prefer them over the ones that aren’t nationally recognised.


Australian Government’s MySkills Platform


I came across the a few government websites including MySkills platform in my Google search and found it to be such a wonderful tool! You can look up the various nationally recognised courses and compare their fees pretty easily. You can also find out more about job outcomes and future prospects of students with those qualifications on the platform! It certainly helped me in my decision making process.


When searching, price was a pretty important factor for me as I was paying for the course out of my own pocket. So I focused on finding value. I sorted the courses by price and compared the cheapest 5 online courses and the middle 5 online courses. This gave me a good base for comparison. I checked out what was included in my fees, found out more about their reputation, and eventually settled on Dolph Business School’s Diploma of Leadership and Management program. They were the only ones who didn’t charge me extra for re-assessment (you would be surprised just how many colleges charge you a few hundred dollars more each time you need to do a re-assessment because you hadn’t passed yet!), they didn’t charge me more for re-enrolment (some training providers charge an extra $595 if I don’t finish the course in 12 months!) and their staff members were very helpful and friendly.

I’m glad I chose Dolph Business School because I have enjoyed the course so far and my Trainer has been very helpful.

Why didn’t I just go with a TAFE?

Some of my friends asked why I didn’t just study the course at a TAFE, and there were several reasons for this. I had previously done a Cert IV in Building and Construction in 2017 at Chisholm TAFE and my experience was terrible. The reading material was all over the place, there were errors in the assessments (I kept having to bring it to my Trainer’s attention and got sick of it), it wasn’t available online and it was a lot more expensive!

When I was researching the courses, the Diploma of Leadership and Management at Chisholm TAFE would have cost me $7,781 ($6,299 if I qualified for government subsidies) and I didn’t want to pay that much and not have found the experience valuable.

At Dolph Business School, I was only paying $2,400, I got to study online with a reputable provider, and I even got a free Study Planner and one to one Trainer time! I never got one to one Trainer time at Chisholm! It took my Trainer days, sometimes weeks to reply to my messages which was terribly frustrating. Another interesting article I came across was why Why working from home doesn’t work. 


What did I find the most important thing to look out for when choosing a course?


The most important things in my opinion are:

  • That it is nationally recognised – this gives you the assurance that what you’re learning is valuable and is needed by the industry. A nationally recognised course can also help you transfer over some credits if you decided to further your study even more. For example, with many Diploma courses, once you have completed them may make you eligible for university credits at an undergraduate level. I know when my brother did his Diploma of Business, he got a full year off at RMIT doing a Bachelor of Business because of the credits he could transfer over!
  • Training provider’s reputation – helps you understand what are the pros and cons of current and past students. They would have gone through their course and know what the good, the bad and the ugly is with the college. Sometimes all the advertising glitz and glamour can get you blind sided but student reviews will always tell you the truth about the real experience!
  • How fast their Trainers respond to you – this is so important because having experienced it first hand at Chisholm TAFE, I found that when Trainers respond to you faster, your stress levels don’t shoot through the roof and you are a lot less frustrated. I don’t know what sort of workload the Trainers at Chisholm TAFE had but the course I undertook was about $10,000. For that amount of money, I should’ve gotten a red carpet experience, not the experience I was given. So far my Trainer at Dolph Business School has responded pretty promptly. He usually responds within hours and even replies to my questions on Saturdays! So I’m pretty happy with it and it makes such a huge difference when you have a Trainer who cares and wants to help you, than one who is just doing their job with no care about you.