What Is Bone Inlay Mirror?

A Bone Inlay mirror is carved out of a material, such as bone, wood, or glass. This particular style of mirror has a flower-like shape and is a gorgeous addition to any room. In addition to their floral shape, these mirrors are also highly functional, allowing you to use them to reflect the light.

Bone inlay mirrors are carved out of a material

Bone Inlay Mirror is decorative mirrors carved out of a material such as bone, wood, or glass. Some examples of this type of mirror date back to the 18th century, while others are modern creations. They are a subtle way to introduce an exotic look to your home.

The art of bone inlay originated in the royal palaces of Rajasthan. The Maharajas commissioned extravagant pieces of furniture inlaid with bone. These unique pieces were often adorned with intricate jewellery work. Today, these furniture pieces are exported around the world. The carving technique is a unique art form that involves inserting contrasting materials into depressions.

They are made of bone, wood and glass

Bone inlay mirrors are often made from bone, wood and glass. They have a classical mosaic design and are handcrafted. They can be found from the 18th century to the 21st century. These mirrors can add a traditional or contemporary feel to any space. They are also made with top-quality craftsmanship and feature solid wood frames.

A Bone Inlay mirror is a beautiful decorative item that adds a touch of uniqueness to any room. The traditional process of bone inlay began centuries ago in India, where it was an artisan craft. It is an intricate process that requires hours of handcrafting and can take a month to complete. The process starts with cutting a bone fragment, shaping it, and then filling it with a malleable material, typically resin. The finished product is then polished and waxed to create a beautiful finish.

They are shaped like a flower

One of the most beautiful designs of Bone Inlay mirrors is a floral-shaped piece. Its outer perimeter is adorned with whimsical flowers while the interior is bordered with geometric patterns. This beautiful design is the perfect addition to a bathroom, living room, or hallway.

The black and white round Bone Inlay floor mirror sits in front of a blue textured wallpapered wall. A black and white bone inlay mirror leans over a white bamboo cabinetry. The kitchen features a round sink and curved stone backsplash. A gold pendant illuminates the area. A bone-inlay console table is also placed in the foyer.

They are a great addition to any room

Bone Inlay mirrors can add warmth and style to any room. They are available in various shapes and sizes. They can be placed above dressers, hallway console tables, and headboards. You can complement them with other accents, such as succulents and vases. West Elm offers a great selection of home furnishings, including these wonderful mirrors.

These mirrors are also made from mango wood and feature a beautiful, intricate pattern of bone inlay. They can easily match a modern, eclectic, or Boho-styled home. You can also find them in large geometric patterns. The options are endless, and bone inlay is a relatively inexpensive trend that can give your home a WOW look.